“Rudrakota” The Mystery Palace

After many years Ravi came to his native village Kishtapuram. He was very happy to come back to his village. He met his old friends and relatives, each and every one were very happy seeing him.

Ravi asked his best friend Hitesh to stay with him seven days in his palace “Rudrakota” and hitesh agreed but his parents said “don’t go” still packed his lugguage and went with Ravi to Rudrakota.

Ravi whose parents were basically very rich and recently they were expired in an accident. .

Their family lived very long back in that village when ravi was 5 years old. His parents were very exited to go back and live in their village at their old age but due to their Bussiness and commitments it was not possible.

‘Rudrakota’ was built by Ravi’s ancestors and it was a mystery palace where villagers believe still they see their ancesters soul’s stay in that palace.

Who ever pass by that palace typical laughing sounds were heard. But after few years everything was good going and that palace was maintained by a old woman who used to go every once a month inside the palace a maintain it cleanliness.

Evening around 6.30 pm Ravi and Hitesh entered into palace went to upstairs and suddenly hitesh observed someone was following them as he turned back there was nobody. They both finished their dinner and went to bed.

After 12 “O”clock hitesh observed someone was standing beside him and laughing. He opened his eyes slowly and he saw there was a women standing and she was staring at him.

Hitesh frightened a lot praying to god to save his life from devil’s.

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